April 2018 Prayer Requests

Please continue praying God would bring an end to the conflict in eastern Ukraine, where hundreds of thousands of people are still trapped in the midst of violence and turmoil.
  1. Praise God for a recent women’s conference that was held at Church Without Walls (CWW) in Pinsk, Belarus! Thanks to this special event, many women at the church are now using their spiritual gifts in various ministry projects.
  2. Pray that God would bless an upcoming Baptist Convention in Moscow, Russia, during which we will be presenting some new Scripture pieces.
  3. Please pray for our School Without Walls (SWW) leaders and students in Kazakhstan, as they are being harshly persecuted for their faith.
  4. Pray that Reconciliation Church in Bobruisk, Belarus would be ministry-focused as they construct their new church building and invite more people to join their congregation.
  5. Praise God for the leaders of Spiritual Renewal Church in Vladikavkaz, Russia, who are faithfully developing new ministry strategies in the midst of escalating persecution!
  6. Pray for our ministry team in Tajikistan as they plan a meeting for national SWW coordinators and youth ministry leaders.
  7. Please pray for Clean Heart Church in Brest, Belarus as they re-launch their youth club and mentorship program for non-Christians.
  8. Pray for the new church that Valeriy, our SWW coordinator in Vladikavkaz, Russia, recently planted in Elizavetinskaya Stanitsa.
  9. Continue praying that God would bring an end to the conflict in eastern Ukraine, where hundreds of thousands of people are trapped in the midst of violence and turmoil.
  10. Pray for the leaders of CWW in Pinsk, Belarus as they expand their youth ministry and develop new strategies for reaching their non-Christian neighbors with the gospel.
  11. Please pray for our SWW students in Perm, Russia as they continue sharing the life-changing gospel with their families and spheres of influence.
  12. Pray for our ministry team in Armenia as they plan a seminar for future SWW teachers and a summer Bible camp training for SWW students and graduates.
  13. Continue praying for our ministry team in Russia’s North Caucasus, one of the most turbulent regions in Eurasia.
  14. Please pray for a month-long Bible school for the deaf community, which our SWW leaders and ministry partners in Kazakhstan will be leading in several different cities starting in mid-April.
  15. Praise God that our SWW students in Vladikavkaz, Russia were invited to lead preventative lectures and training seminars at a technical school for troubled youth!
  16. Pray for an upcoming meeting in Moldova, during which ministry leaders from 30 different churches in 10 different cities will discuss partnership opportunities and youth ministry strategies.
  17. Continue praying that our containers of humanitarian aid goods would clear customs in Ukraine as quickly as possible.
  18. Pray for our ministry to unreached people groups in the most remote regions of Eurasia, including Central Asia, Russia’s North Caucasus, and Arctic Siberia.
  19. Please pray for an upcoming Next Generation Professional Leaders Initiative (NGPLI) training seminar for medical professionals in Kazakhstan.
  20. Pray for a ministry forum that will take place in Siberia, Russia on April 21. We anticipate that about 500 people will attend this event!
  21. Pray for Reconciliation Church in Bobruisk, Belarus as they grow their youth ministry by holding evangelistic movie nights. Many non-Christian young people have been attending these events, so please pray that God would be at work in their hearts.
  22. Praise God that our church-planting ministry in Russia’s North Caucasus is growing, despite the escalating religious persecution in the region!
  23. Please pray for wisdom for our SWW team in Uzbekistan as they consider planting a new church in an unreached city.
  24. Continue praying for Georgiy, one of our SWW teachers in Vladikavkaz, Russia, as he and his family are still trying to obtain Russian citizenship.
  25. Pray for upcoming Empower training conferences in Georgia, during which SWW students and graduates will learn about organizing and leading summer Bible camps.
  26. Pray for our SWW students in Vladikavkaz, Russia as they lead youth clubs and other evangelistic events to reach non-Christians with the gospel.
  27. Please pray for a meeting of SWW coordinators and teachers that will take place in Irpin, Ukraine on April 28. This meeting will introduce about 70 SWW leaders to Family as Mission, one of our new ministry projects.
  28. Pray for two events that will take place in Russia at the end of the month: a Christian for Our Time conference in Kursk, and an Empower training conference in Novorossiysk.
  29. Pray for the leaders of Clean Heart Church in Bobruisk, Belarus as they participate in a youth ministry training forum.
  30. Please pray for the printing of several Scripture pieces that we will be distributing in Russia during the FIFA World Cup this summer.