August 2017 Prayer Requests

1. Praise God for the team of 10 young people from ShareWord Global, one of our partner ministries in Canada, who shared the gospel with 700 children at eight different summer Bible camps in Moldova last month!

Summer Bible camp for orphaned children in Pinsk, Belarus

2. Please continue praying for our School Without Walls (SWW) students and graduates throughout Eurasia who are organizing and leading summer Bible camps for unreached children and youth.

3. Pray for a new Christian school in Russia’s Yamal Peninsula that we are partnering with, as they are inviting young people to sign up for their first session in October.

4. Pray for Slavik and Sergey, two of the leaders of Reconciliation Church in Bobruisk, Belarus, who are starting a new church in Minsk.

5. Please keep praying for an end to the conflict in Ukraine, where more than three million people are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance.

6. Praise God for Light magazine and the Gospel Without Borders New Testament, which our SWW students and graduates are distributing throughout Russia’s volatile North Caucasus!

7. Pray for Church Without Walls (CWW) in Pinsk, Belarus as the leaders continue growing their small group ministry and begin planning next year’s ministry programs.

8. Thank you for praying for our SWW leaders in Kazakhstan who were facing legal trouble because of their work with the deaf community! The case against Artyom, one of the leaders, was dropped, but we would still appreciate prayer for his church, which may be fined.

9. Pray for SWW students in Russia who are planning to lead summer Bible camps for unreached children from the Tatar people group.

10. Praise God for our growing partnership with Living Israel, which is helping us share the gospel with the Russian-speaking population in the Holy Land!

11. Please pray for a Next Generation Professional Leaders Initiative forum that is taking place in Brest, Belarus on August 11-13.

12. Pray for a SWW student from Perm, Russia who is serving with Russian missionaries in China this month.

13. Pray that the leaders of Reconciliation Church in Bobruisk, Belarus would continue inspiring their congregation to grow in faith by expanding their various ministry programs.

14. Continue praying for Hafiz, our SWW coordinator in Azerbaijan, as he faithfully shares the gospel with the unreached.

15. Praise God for our SWW students and graduates in Yekaterinburg, Russia who are developing effective ministry programs in their city!

16. Please pray that God would bless our efforts to open three new SWW ministry centers in different regions in Moldova.

17. Pray for our SWW coordinator in Belarus, as he is traveling to Austria for a session at Training Christians for Ministry International Institute.

18. Continue praying for a spiritual revival in Russia that would lead the Russian people to place their hope in Christ, rather than in material pursuits.

19. Pray for our SWW leaders in Russia’s Yamal Peninsula, as they would like to build a ministry tent for evangelistic events.

20. Please pray for our various ministry efforts throughout Central Asia, where Christians suffer religious persecution on a daily basis.

21. Pray for CWW in Pinsk, Belarus, as many of the congregants are facing personal trials.

22. Praise God for a new church that Chermen, one of our partner pastors in Russia’s North Caucasus, is planting in the city of Ardon!

23. Pray for our SWW team in Yekaterinburg, Russia, as they are visiting elderly people living in remote regions and presenting SWW at a local church.

24. Please pray for a youth congress that the Baptist Union of Belarus is hosting on August 24-26. Some of our ministry workers will be speaking during this event, and we hope that their words will inspire young people to get involved in ministry.

25. Continue praying that our containers of humanitarian aid for Ukraine would clear customs as quickly as possible so we can bring this desperately needed aid to those who are suffering.

26. Praise God for our SWW students, ministry leaders, and partners in Russia’s North Caucasus who are fearlessly distributing Scripture and sharing God’s love with the unreached!

27. Pray for Ruslan, a man from Russia’s Yamal Peninsula who received the gospel in the Khanty language and is now preparing to be baptized. He and his son have endured great suffering and are in need of God’s healing.

28. Please pray for Alexey, our SWW coordinator in Kazakhstan, and his family, as his mother is looking for a job and his wife is looking into studying theology in Russia.

29. Praise God for a container of rice meals that we are shipping to Moldova, where poverty and unemployment rates are very high!

30. Pray that God would be at work in the hearts of the children and youth who participated in this year’s summer Bible camps so that they may come to know Jesus as their personal Savior.

31. Please pray for our 2017-2018 SWW program, which we are launching all across Eurasia and Israel next month.