February 2018 Prayer Requests

Gift of Hope distribution during our short-term mission trip to Moldova in January

1. Praise God for a team of young people from the US who participated in a short-term mission trip to Moldova in January! In partnership with our School Without Walls (SWW) students, they distributed 1,500 Gift of Hope boxes to children living in poverty.

2. Pray for SWW coordinators in Central Asia as they participate in ministry-planning meetings in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan on February 1-2.

3. Please pray for Next Generation Professional Leaders Initiative (NGPLI) roundtable events that are taking place in Almaty and Astana, Kazakhstan on February 3-4.

4. Continue praying for Reconciliation Church in Bobruisk, Belarus as the pastors grow their mentoring program, youth ministry, and missions-related efforts.

5. Praise God that more than 120 churches throughout Russia’s North Caucasus participated in our Gift of Hope and other Christmas-related outreach efforts in January! By partnering with these churches, our SWW students were able to reach orphans and disabled children from all different walks of life.

6. Please pray for our SWW students in Israel as they continue partnering with Living Israel, a local ministry, to plant new churches and proclaim the gospel in the Holy Land.

7. Pray for safety for the SWW students from God’s Family Church in Minsk, Belarus who will be traveling to Chisinau, Moldova to participate in an upcoming training conference.

8. Pray for the development and growth of several new SWW groups that were started in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Russia’s North Caucasus this year.

9. Please pray for an NGPLI training seminar that is taking place during the Campus Crusade Conference in Kiev, Ukraine on February 9-10.

10. Pray for a SWW conference that is taking place at the Mission Eurasia ministry center in Russia’s North Caucasus on February 9-11.

11. Praise God for Joy Club, a youth ministry program, through which Church Without Walls (CWW) in Pinsk, Belarus is encouraging spiritual healing and growth in young people!

12. Please pray that God would provide good jobs for our SWW coordinators in Tajikistan, where work is hard to find.

13. Pray for our ministry leaders in Russia’s North Caucasus as they begin preparations for an Empower training conference and NGPLI forums that will take place this spring.

14. Pray for SWW leaders and students in Moldova as they begin preparing for a large youth conference that will take place this spring. Around 350 people from 30 different churches are involved in this project.

15. Please pray for an upcoming NGPLI conference that will equip young Christian professionals in Belarus to bring the gospel into their workplaces and spheres of influence.

16. Praise God for a Christian youth club in Vladikavkaz, Russia that is growing thanks to the dedicated efforts of SWW students!

17. Continue praying for our brothers and sisters throughout Central Asia as they faithfully share the gospel in the midst of escalating persecution.

18. Please pray for SWW students from Pure Heart Church in Brest, Belarus as they host an outreach event at a local orphanage and launch a mentorship program for non-Christians.

19. Pray for a new church in Yelizavetinskaya, Russia that Valeriy, one of our SWW coordinators, recently helped to plant.

20. Praise God for our SWW students’ ministry to the Udi people in Azerbaijan! Thanks to their efforts, unreached children and their parents are learning about Jesus for the very first time.

21. Pray for CWW in Pinsk, Belarus as the leaders expand NGPLI training efforts in their city to prepare even more young Christian professionals to grow God’s Kingdom.

22. Please pray that God would bless our SWW students’ children’s ministry efforts in orphanages, hospitals, and schools throughout Russia’s North Caucasus.

23. Continue praying that God would use our humanitarian aid and Scripture for Ukraine to bless those whose lives have been thrown into turmoil by the ongoing conflict in the nation’s eastern regions.

24. Pray for renewed strength and vision for the leaders of God’s Family Church in Minsk, Belarus as they seek to draw more young people to church.

25. Pray that God would grow SWW in Russia’s most remote and unreached regions, where many people have never heard the gospel.

26. Please pray for our SWW students in Mongolia as they continue growing their ministry efforts and sharing the hope of Christ with their unreached neighbors.

27. Praise God for our successful church-planting ministry among unreached people in many different regions in Russia’s North Caucasus!

28. Pray that God would grant us wisdom as we continue developing and expanding our many ministry efforts all throughout Eurasia.