There are many creative ways to support the ministry of Mission Eurasia!

Did you know there are a variety of ways you can give to Mission Eurasia that go beyond cash gifts? Each of these strategic giving options will help you take your stewardship to the next level and increase the impact of your support on thousands of young Next Generation leaders who are building God’s Kingdom in Eurasia.

Please prayerfully consider these stewardship options to see if one or more of them is right for you. For questions or additional information, please contact us at, or call 630-462-1739 and ask for the Stewardship Department.

Mission Eurasia will work closely with your legal, tax, or other advisors to help design a giving plan that meets your personal goals.

Non-Cash Assets

Donating your non-cash assets—such as real estate, business interests, personal property, and more—is a strategic way to support the work of Mission Eurasia, because it provides significant tax deductions for you and removes assets from your taxable estate. This means more money goes to supporting our Next Generation Christian leaders while providing a tax benefit for you.

Learn more about donating your non-cash assets or gifts in kind to Mission Eurasia.

Matching Gift Program

If your employer has a matching gift program, you can designate Mission Eurasia as your chosen charity to increase the impact of every gift you send. Check with the human resources department at your place of employment to learn how to set up a matching gift program.

Appreciated Stock or Mutual Funds

Gifting appreciated stock or mutual funds to Mission Eurasia may have significant tax advantages for you and is simple to do. These assets are given to Mission Eurasia at the current market value, regardless of the cost or basis of the donor, which avoids the capital gains tax.

Learn more about gifting appreciated stock or mutual funds to Mission Eurasia.

Charitable IRA Distributions

Supporting Mission Eurasia with your IRA distribution or IRA required minimum distribution is a strategic way to donate that may also provide a significant tax benefit for you.

Learn more about the many benefits of charitable IRA distributions.

Planned Giving/Estate Gifts

You can perpetuate giving even after your lifetime by making an estate gift to Mission Eurasia. You can name Mission Eurasia in your will or designate Mission Eurasia as the beneficiary of your trust, life insurance policy, or retirement plan.

Learn more about supporting Mission Eurasia through planned giving.

*Mission Eurasia does not provide specific legal, tax, or financial advice, so please be sure to consult your legal and tax advisors.