Inzhi’s Story: A Quest for Truth and Meaning


Inzhi was born in Istanbul, Turkey but moved to Moldova with her mother after her parents divorced when she was five. Her father had a problem with alcohol and was sometimes abusive and violent towards them and her parents fought a lot. In Moldova, Inzhi and her mother stayed with her grandmother. Her mother worked very long hours and her grandmother didn’t care where she was or what she did, so she was left to her own devices. She frequently got in trouble at home, and when she started school her problems only increased. She had a lot of conflicts with other kids and was frequently the victim of bullying. She grew bitter and disillusioned. As she grew older she started hanging out with the wrong crowd. Her father came to visit rarely, and when he did, his visits were short and full of conflict. One of the sources of conflict was religion: her father was a Muslim, her mother Orthodox, and her grandmother identified as a cosmic humanist. Torn by the fighting, Inzhi wasn’t sure what or whom she believed in.

At age 14, Inzhi made her first suicide attempt. It wasn’t very serious, but it was followed by another five attempts, each more serious than the last, leaving her feeling empty and her arms seriously scarred. “I was looking for meaning in life, and I couldn’t find it,” shares Inzhi. “But one evening a friend invited me to Lighthouse, a youth group run by School Without Walls students and other young Next Generation Christian leaders from a local church. The experience transformed me. There I heard about a God unlike anything I had heard about before. This God gives strength and joy and brings meaning to my life.  A few months later I attended Veritas, a summer Bible camp organized by Church Without Walls in Chisinau, and my life was changed forever. In August 2017 I repented and gave my life to God, and I discovered a new me.

“My life had meaning, I now wanted to live. I began attending church, growing closer to other believers and to God. I developed a love for other people and the world around me. I now take every opportunity to tell other young women about how God has changed my life and can change any life. I started studying in SWW, and I am learning about how to be a good leader, and how to manage my resources with God’s help. I look forward to continuing to grow and change with the help and support of my church, SWW, other believers, and, of course, God!”