March 2018 Prayer Requests

The first service in the newly constructed Church Without Walls building in Chisinau, Moldova!

1. Praise God that Church Without Walls (CWW) in Chisinau, Moldova has reopened! The roof of the church collapsed due to heavy snowfall in April 2017, but thanks to the generosity of our faithful supporters, it has been repaired and services have resumed.

2. Please pray that God would provide opportunities for our School Without Walls (SWW) students who distributed Gifts of Hope during the Christmas season to continue building relationships with the families they met.

3. Pray for several upcoming SWW and Next Generation Professional Leaders Initiative (NGPLI) events that will be taking place in Moscow, Russia in early March.

4. Pray for God’s Family Church in Minsk, Belarus as they launch a youth ministry program and prepare for an English as a Second Language (ESL) camp that will take place this summer.

5. Praise God that SWW students from Vladikavkaz, Russia are distributing thousands of Scripture pieces, including Light magazine and The Greatest Stories of Hope, to unreached children in their city!

6. Please pray for Aleksey, our SWW coordinator in Kazakhstan, and his wife, Alyssa, who is experiencing health issues.

7. Continue praying for Reconciliation Church in Bobruisk, Belarus as they expand their youth ministry and mentorship programs.

8. Pray for SWW students in Yekaterinburg, Russia as they plant new churches and lead new ministry initiatives in the Sverdlovsk region.

9. Please pray for an NGPLI training session that will take place in Lviv, Ukraine on March 9-10.

10. Pray for our ministry leaders in Kazakhstan, as they are planning to open a Bible school for young people from the deaf community. Please pray that all of the preparations would go smoothly so the school can open this spring.

11. Pray for Clean Heart Church in Brest, Belarus as they train young leaders through their SWW study center. Two young men, Roman and Ruslan, recently accepted Christ at this center!

12. Praise God for a Christian youth club that SWW students from Vladikavkaz, Russia recently launched in their city!

13. Please pray for our SWW groups in Tajikistan, where young Christian leaders are being equipped to launch new ministry initiatives in their own communities.

14. Pray for Ray and Cindy, our missionaries who are leading the International Alliance for the Development of Christian Education (IADCE) in Ukraine, as they develop an online training program for Christian teachers.

15. Pray for SWW students in Kropotkin, Russia as they balance ministry with their many other responsibilities.

16. Please pray for a SWW event called Living Movement, which is taking place in Lviv, Ukraine today and tomorrow.

17. Praise God for a women’s ministry conference that will be taking place at CWW in Pinsk, Belarus this month!

18. Pray for Valeriy, our SWW coordinator in Vladikavkaz, Russia, as he leads a church-planting project in a local village.

19. The Parliament of Kazakhstan is trying to pass a law that would prevent children from attending church services, so please pray that God would be at work so His Kingdom may continue to grow.

20. Pray for Artur, a young man who recently accepted Christ at Reconciliation Church in Bobruisk, Belarus, as he is experiencing serious health issues.

21. Please pray for two young men who recently graduated from SWW in Haifa, Israel and are now launching a ministry program in Arad, where there are no churches.

22. Praise God for new churches that local pastors and SWW students are planting in Russia’s North Caucasus!

23. Pray for a missionary conference taking place in Bila Tserkva, Ukraine on March 23-24.

24. Pray for CWW in Pinsk, Belarus as they expand their small groups, youth ministry (Joy Club), sports ministry, and social outreach to orphans.

25. Please pray for an upcoming youth conference that SWW students are leading in Kazakhstan.

26. Pray for new SWW groups in Azerbaijan and Russia, where the students are launching youth clubs to reach out to non-Christian young people.

27. Pray for the first session of the IADCE online training program for Christian teachers in Ukraine, which will take place on March 27-30.

28. Please pray for God to raise up new leaders at CWW in Pinsk, Belarus so they can continue sharing the gospel in their community.

29. Praise God for the young people in Moldova who recently accepted Christ and are now participating in SWW and Lighthouse Youth Club!

30. Pray for a SWW conference that will take place in Kharkiv, Ukraine on March 31.

31. Pray for two Empower training conferences that will take place in Russia at the end of April. Through these conferences, hundreds of SWW students and graduates will be equipped to organize and lead summer Bible camps for children.