May 2017 Prayer Requests

1. Please pray for a bicycle tour outreach event that School Without Walls (SWW) in Armenia is hosting today. Many non-Christians are participating in this special event.

2. Praise God for blessing our ministry efforts in Russia’s North Caucasus, and for providing us with strong partnerships with churches throughout the region!

3. Pray for God’s Family Church in Minsk, Belarus as the church leaders continue expanding their youth ministry, along with organizing Time to Live conferences for young people and summer Bible camps for children.

4. Pray for a worship conference that we are hosting at the Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary in Kiev on May 4-6.

5. Please pray for our ministry and missionary partners throughout Russia’s North Caucasus who are faithfully sharing the gospel with the unreached, despite escalating religious persecution in the region.

6. Pray for an EMPOWER conference that we are hosting in Ureki, Georgia on May 5-7 to prepare SWW students and other young leaders to organize and lead summer Bible camps.

7. Praise God for a Christian Education Resource Network training workshop that recently took place in Ukraine! During this event, 21 education leaders developed lessons that incorporate biblical values and can be used in both public and Christian schools.

8. Pray for SWW in Russia’s Yamal Peninsula, as we are launching a new SWW program in this remote region.

9. Please pray for several upcoming events in Belarus, including an EMPOWER conference for 200 SWW students, a Time to Live event at a local high school, and a Next Generation Professional Leaders Initiative conference for young medical professionals.

10. Praise God for our SWW students in Perm, Russia, who are reaching out to homeless people, evangelizing in Muslim villages, and leading a puppet ministry for children!

11. Pray that our SWW students throughout Eurasia would finish the school year strong.

EMPOWER Training Event

12. Pray for an EMPOWER conference that is taking place in Moldova on May 12-14, and will prepare 200 SWW students and other young leaders to effectively lead summer Bible camps.

13. Pray that God would bless our summer Bible camps, church planting, and other ministry efforts in Russia’s North Caucasus so that even more people may hear the Good News.

14. Please pray that God would bless Church Without Walls (CWW) in Pinsk, Belarus as the leaders expand their small group ministry and summer Bible camps initiative.

15. Pray that God would bless our SWW efforts in Saratov, Russia as the students continue sharing the gospel with the unreached.

16. Praise God for a new youth group called 6PM, which we recently launched at a local church in Vladivostok, Russia!

17. Pray for our brothers and sisters in Kazakhstan, where the government is making amendments to the nation’s religion laws that will negatively impact Christians.

18. Please pray that God would provide opportunities for us to expand our music ministry efforts throughout Armenia.

19. Pray for SWW students in Russia’s Yamal Peninsula as they bring the gospel to the unreached, including the Mansi people and reindeer herders living in the tundra.

20. Pray for one of our partner churches in Azerbaijan that is facing legal issues regarding a piece of land that they recently purchased.

21. Pray for Oleg and Oksana, a married couple in Russia’s North Caucasus, who are the only Christians in their village and would like to start a home church.

22. Please continue praying for CWW in Pinsk, Belarus, as they are still trying to register with local authorities so they can build an official church building.

23. Pray for Yevgeniy, our SWW coordinator in Vladivostok, Russia, and his family, as his sons are seeking to balance their schoolwork and careers with ministry, and he and his wife, Natasha, are considering planting a new church.

24. Pray for the Christian Education Resource Network in Ukraine as they translate John Amos Comenius: A Visionary Reformer of Schools into the Russian and Ukrainian languages so that Christian schools and other educational institutions may distribute it during their events.

25. Please pray for local churches in Russia’s Yamal Peninsula, particularly those working with children and youth.

26. Continue praying for our SWW students in Kazakhstan who are working with the deaf community in the midst of religious persecution.

27. Pray for Gennadiy, one of our ministry workers in Russia’s North Caucasus, who wants to plant new churches in the region.

28. Please pray for Hafiz, one of our ministry partners in Azerbaijan, who is facing challenges registering his church with the government.

29. Praise God for a new church that will be built in Ardon, Russia, and for Pastor Chermen, who is leading the church!

30. Pray for our ministry workers in Ukraine who are presenting our research on missionary work during a pastors’ conference at the end of May.

31. Please pray for our SWW students and graduates throughout Eurasia as they organize summer Bible camps in their own nations.