Home for Every Orphan

With high divorce rates, widespread domestic violence, and increasing rates of substance abuse, Russia and Ukraine are currently experiencing an alarming breakdown of the family structure, leaving millions of children to face a precarious and tragic future. In Ukraine, more than 96,000 children live in state-run institutions. Over one million children in Russia are currently estimated to be homeless, and hundreds of thousands of children are living in despondent conditions in state-run orphanages. Abused, neglected, and hurting, these precious children are in desperate need of loving, stable environments provided by Christians who answer the call to “care for orphans . . . in their distress” (James 1:27).

To respond to the vast needs of Eurasia’s orphaned and abandoned children, Home for Every Orphan (HFEO) was founded by Dr. Anita Deyneka, Mission Eurasia’s co-founder and director emeritus. Today, this initiative, coordinated by Dr. Deyneka through Mission Eurasia, raises awareness about the plight of neglected children in Russia and Ukraine, develops new strategies and resources for their care, and helps mobilize national Christians to foster and adopt.

Please give today to provide loving homes and resources for Eurasia’s most vulnerable and hurting children.

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