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Church of Muslim Converts Ordered to Close in Kyrgyzstan

A Christian church of Muslim converts in Kyrgystan was recently ordered to close, according to the World Watch Monitor. Kyrgyzstan, a country where Mission Eurasia works and conducts our School Without Walls ministry, is one of the most hostile countries to Christianity in the world. Muslims who convert to Christianity in the country are often subjected to harsh persecution and pressure to renounce their faith. Please pray for our School Without Walls students and leaders and all believers in Kyrgyzstan and other countries where Christians are suffering for their faith!

From the article:

A local source told World Watch Monitor that services at the church, which is led by a convert from Islam, have been interrupted twice in the last few months by a group of people consisting of local officials, representatives of the Prosecutor’s office and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, assistants to the local imam and former colleagues from the school at which the pastor used to teach.

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