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Empowering young leaders for strategic summer ministry

During the coming weeks, Mission Eurasia will partner with churches and other ministry groups to host EMPOWER training events in 10 countries. These training events will equip our School Without Walls (SWW) leaders and other church leaders with the skills they need to reach thousands of hurting children in-person and online with the Good News of Jesus.

This training includes remote and unreached regions, such as Arctic Siberia and Mongolia, as well as the Muslim-dominated areas of Russia’s North Caucasus and Central Asia where there is little to no access to the gospel.

Our summer Bible camps are one of our most effective evangelistic outreaches!” said Sergey Rakhuba, Mission Eurasia’s president. “We need well-trained leaders who can help these and other suffering children in Eurasia who face daily crises, including the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.”

Dmitry’s story

One of these leaders is 25-year-old Dmitry. SWW program and Empower training events influenced his calling to ministry. For the past 10 years, this young gifted leader in Svetliy, Moldova has developed a hunger to reach spiritually lost teens for Christ in one of the poorest countries of Eurasia, in a region where alcohol and drug abuse, crime, depression, and isolation are all too common.

Every year, Mission Eurasia puts critical time, resources, and effort into training leaders like Dmitry for our summer Bible camps. Right now, we are planning to draw as many as 18,000 children and teens, including 2,000 refugee children from countries like Armenia, this summer to our neighborhood Bible day camps and online camps.

“Through these young leaders, we believe God can do mighty things,” Rakhuba said.