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Giving hope, new start to homeless of Eurasia

During the Soviet era, Christians were not permitted to enter influential professions such as education, healthcare, and law. That’s why more than nine years ago, Mission Eurasia launched our Next Generation Professional Leaders Initiative (NGPLI) to equip and empower young Christian professionals to be a Christian witness in the workplace and to influence their colleagues, students, and clients for Christ.

Today NGPLI is an army of thousands of Christian doctors, lawyers, teachers, professors, and business leaders trained to serve God and use their professions as a mission field.

And under NGPLI, various Christian professional associations have been formed to carry out specialized ministry initiatives. A vital outreach recently launched by an Association of Christian Lawyers trained through NGPLI illustrates the impact leaders can have with their faith and professional expertise. A team of lawyers from Kyiv, Ukraine came alongside our School Without Wall’s (SWW) leaders and local church volunteers to help the homeless rejoin society. They began helping the homeless acquire the personal identification documents they need to get a job, rent an apartment, and function in society.

svetaTo multiply their impact, these Christian lawyers have created a training model for local churches so more souls can be reclaimed from homelessness, like Sveta, in cities and communities across Eurasia!

Sveta once lived on the streets and was a slave to alcohol and addiction.

In despair, she asked God, “Why do I even exist?” But God led Sveta to a local church rehabilitation center where she got help to stop drinking and rebuild her life. A chef by trade, Sveta began to prepare food for people living on the streets. She now knows why she exists . . . to serve those trapped in homelessness and addiction, to equip others to help them, and point people to Christ.

Click here (and select the Next Generation Professional Leaders Initiative option) to partner with Mission Eurasia today to help deploy this training model to equip 300 churches and thousands of volunteers in Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Russia, and Armenia to restore the lives of at least 10,000 homeless people.