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Pandemic doesn’t slow Mission Eurasia’s outreach work

Summer Bible Camp[Editor’s Note: This story was first published on Main Street Nashville. The following is an excerpt from the story.]
By Katy Beth Boyers Man Street Nashville

This summer, Mission Eurasia plans to continue training young leaders through virtual seminars and help them organize summer camps and prepare for active ministry.

“Every summer we use for these young leaders as a great opportunity to practice their principles they’ve learned, the knowledge they obtained, and to practice in practical outreach,” Mission Eurasia President Sergey Rakhuba said.

Mission Eurasia equips these leaders to organize small group neighborhood camps in their communities. With a total of 215 leadership teams throughout the 14 nations of what was formerly the Soviet Union, Rakhuba said he expects nearly 18,000 children to be exposed to the Gospel.

During these camps, children will receive food, a gift and a copy of the children’s Bible that Mission Eurasia publishes themselves. These young Christian leaders also helped establish new churches this last year. In a report about [Mission Eurasia’s] School Without Walls, a total of 64 new churches were established throughout Eurasia, 19 of them in Russia.

“We expect at least 1,500 young Christian leaders who will be graduating from the School Without Walls program, and will be gearing up for the more active ministries they will take initiative and lead on behalf of their churches in their communities in those 14 countries of Eurasia,” Rakhuba said.

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