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Siberia ‘on fire’ for the gospel

Siberia ‘on fire’ for the gospel

Through strategic partnerships with other evangelical groups, Mission Eurasia is investing in training and equipping young leaders who are eager to take the gospel to the depths of Siberia, throughout their nation, and beyond.

partnershipMore than 350 young leaders from nearly 50 cities in the Ural region of Western Siberia gathered April 16-17 for a national conference, “Mission.”

“Ministry is flourishing amid the ongoing pandemic, economic turmoil, and social and political unrest throughout this region,” said Sergey Rakhuba, president of Mission Eurasia. “We are seeing these leaders boldly take the baton of ministry and ignite Siberia…with the fire of the gospel.

“This is the region where communist revolutionaries, by order of the father of the great October socialist revolution Vladimir Lenin, executed the last Russian Czar Nicholas II and his family in 1918 and persecuted thousands of Christian leaders in political concentration camps.”

Today, Mission Eurasia’s School Without Walls (SWW) and Next Generation Professional Leaders Initiative (NGPLI) are investing in young leaders in Siberia—many the grandchildren of persecuted Christians.

young leaders in the middle of Siberia “It was so exciting to see these young leaders in the middle of Siberia on fire for the gospel and strategizing on how to reach and transform this region for Christ,” said SWW director Pavel Tokarchuk, who was one of the key speakers at the conference.

These young leaders are also being equipped and trained for outreach efforts like Mission Eurasia’s upcoming summer Bible camps, where thousands of children will hear the Good News of Jesusmany for the first time, Rakhuba said.

“Equipping and training young leaders for ministry is our calling, it’s our mission!” he added. “Please pray for this movement and consider partnering with us as we train and equip young leaders in Siberia and beyond to take the gospel even further!”