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Transforming Nations, One Family at a Time

Konstantin and Katya Teteryatnikov and their children

Healthy, gospel-centered families are the foundation of churches, societies, and entire nations.

The former Soviet regime understood the powerful witness of Christian families, which is why Soviet leaders focused their efforts on indoctrinating youth and separating children from Christian parents. Sadly, even after the fall of the Soviet Union, there are still many challenges that threaten stable families in Eurasia today. Teenage drug and alcohol addiction, suicide, and HIV/AIDS rates are skyrocketing. And the number of orphaned and abandoned children keeps increasing. In the midst of such challenging circumstances, Scripture’s clear command to care for children and orphans is especially critical.

This reality is why Mission Eurasia’s Next Generation leaders and national church partners are committed to building and supporting strong, godly families throughout Eurasia as part of our holistic approach to transforming the nations of Eurasia for Christ! Our leaders work to equip and support godly families in many creative and impactful ways, but especially through the work of our special Family as Mission initiative, a strategic ministry that grew out of the transformational impact of our School Without Walls (SWW) program.The goal of Family as Mission is to empower, support, train, and mobilize families to fulfill God’s calling to follow Jesus’ teaching and proclaim the Good News to the world around them.

Our Family as Mission initiative utilizes our flexible SWW infrastructure to focus on supporting and strengthening families in three strategic ways: helping couples build healthy, God-honoring marriages; equipping parents to welcome children and raise them in God’s Word; and mobilizing Christian families to adopt, foster, and care for orphans.

The ABC’s of Family Worship and the Family as Mission curriculum are two of many specially designed resources for families published by Mission Eurasia as part of our Family as Mission initiative.

Our Family as Mission initiatives are led by Konstantin Teteryatnikov, the director of SWW in Ukraine, and his wife, Katya. Konstantin and Katya have compassionate, dedicated hearts for children and families because of their own personal experience with parenthood, adoption, and foster care. Over the course of their marriage, they have fostered and adopted 10 children, opening their home and hearts to children of all ages in need of a family. Their own experience with adoption and foster care inspires them to mobilize Christian churches and Christian families in Eurasia to build strong families and open their homes to children in need.

“The biblical command to care for orphans is only possible through strong families,” shares Konstantin. “And when we build and support godly families, we are revitalizing both family and ministry in society.”

God-honoring families who are raising children according to the truth revealed in God’s Word are some of the most effective and impactful witnesses for the gospel—and strong, godly families have the potential to transform entire nations for ChristWould you please pray today for Konstantin and our Family as Mission initiative as we work to build strong families in Eurasia who are transforming their churches, communities, and entire nations with the message of Jesus?

Please also consider making a gift of support to School Without Walls for our Next Generation leaders in the field who are ministering to families, children, and orphans across Eurasia and supporting parents as they raise their children in God’s Word. A gift of just $50 can provide training and specially designed resources to a Next Generation Christian leader and equip him or her for a lifetime of ministry focused on serving families and equipping and mobilizing local churches to support godly families.

Would you make a generous gift today in support of this mission of building strong, gospel-centered families throughout Eurasia? To give a gift in support of Family as Mission, a strategic initiative of School Without Walls, please select the “Other” designation from the drop-down menu on our Donate page and write “Family as Mission” in the text box.

Thank you for supporting Mission Eurasia as we train and equip the Next Generation of godly leaders and families to proclaim God’s Kingdom!