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Sergey Rakhuba, President

Sergey Rakhuba

Sergey Rakhuba has served as the president of Mission Eurasia since 2010. Prior to this, Sergey served as the vice president of Mission Eurasia (then Russian Ministries), overseeing all of our ministries in Eurasia.

Originally from Ukraine, Sergey Rakhuba later moved to Moscow, where he lived for many years. He is a gifted national believer who has a great vision for his homeland and the entire Eurasian region. Peter Deyneka Jr., the founder of Mission Eurasia, discovered this young leader in the church in Russia and was quickly impressed by his pastoral and evangelistic abilities.

After the Iron Curtain fell, Sergey helped to plant a church near Moscow, and he now has a great desire to help train other nationals to expand evangelism and church growth throughout Eurasia. This burden for training bore much fruit when Sergey helped to establish 52 Evangelism and Church-Planting Centers in key regions of Eurasia. These centers provided training in evangelism and church-planting for Christian workers, and also served as networks for the distribution of Christian training materials and other resources for evangelism and Christian growth. National evangelists and church-planters have started over 1,000 new churches with the training and resources they have received through these centers.

Today, as Mission Eurasia’s president, Sergey Rakhuba casts the strategic vision for the organization and plays a leading role in developing and implementing strategic ministry models designed to transform the spiritual landscape of Eurasia. Sergey attended Moody Bible Institute, studying International Ministries and Evangelism. Sergey and his wife, Tanya, live near Wheaton, Illinois with their young daughter, Sophia. Sergey and Tanya also have two older, married children, Dmitri and Yevgenia (Geni).