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A New Family for Alexey

Alexey is 90 years old and lives in Kiev, Ukraine. After serving as a lieutenant in WWII, he worked several other jobs. When he finally retired, he was in very poor health. Alexey’s health has continued to decline in recent years, and his limited use of his legs makes it impossible for him to leave the house on his own.

While receiving treatment at a Christian rehabilitation center, Alexey met a family from a local church: Alexander and Larissa and their two children, Angelina and Maxim. Alexander and Larissa had been forced to abandon their family home due to the ongoing war in eastern Ukraine, and they had been living for the past few months in a friend’s home. Alexander and Larissa took good care of Alexey at the rehabilitation center and formed a friendship with him. When it was time for Alexey to return home, he invited Alexander and Larissa and their children to live with him!

Now, Alexander, Larissa, Angelina, and Maxim have a new home–and Alexey has found a loving family to take care of him. For several years, Alexey had felt so alone in his apartment, but now he has found new joy, hope, and strength.

School Without Walls (SWW) students in Zaporozhye recently visited Alexey and his new family, bringing food packs, Scripture pieces, and a brand new wheelchair for Alexey. With Alexander and Larissa’s help and his new wheelchair, Alexey is finally able to go outside and enjoy the fresh air again! Alexey and Alexander’s family are so thankful for the goods our SWW students brought, and they were even more encouraged by the SWW students’ prayers, which reminded them they are not alone or forgotten–they are loved by God and loved by their Christian family.

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