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Ambassadors for Christ

Mission Eurasia’s School Without Walls (SWW) program is a flexible leadership and ministry training program that trains and equips young Christian leaders in Eurasia and Israel to transform their communities from within. Some of our SWW graduates go on to traditional ministry roles after graduation, like church planting, pastoring, and full-time evangelism—all God-honoring vocations that are crucial to the body of Christ. But many of our graduates emerge from School Without Walls with the vision that their personal mission field is their own schools, neighborhoods, and workplaces. They put the tools that they’ve received from the SWW program to use as they share the gospel within their unique circles of influence and live their everyday lives as a testament to the transforming power of the gospel.

Veronica, one of our 2013 SWW graduates from Belarus, recently shared with us how her SWW training gave her a new perspective on how to be an ambassador for Christ—both inside and outsidethe walls of the church.

In Veronica’s own words:

“I studied at School Without Walls (SWW) from 2011 to 2013. Not long before then, most of the high-level people at my job had left their roles, and I was struggling to continue our programs on my own. I felt completely helpless. During this difficult time, my church started hosting SWW classes, and the very first lesson was about leadership. Before SWW, I thought that leaders were always in control and never showed weakness. But through this program, I learned that every leader faces challenges, and I realized that I could draw strength and comfort from God during difficult times. This was such an encouraging realization for me.

“Last September, I took a step of faith and left my former job, where I made good money, to follow God’s call to work at the Good Prospects youth ministry center. I know that I’m moving in the right direction, and I believe that our work will lead to powerful results. Before SWW, I thought that ministry happened only when people came to church, but during my training, I learned that the church must go out into the community. I also learned about Christian values and how to lead evangelistic events for young people, as well as how to encourage them to invite their non-Christian friends to these events.

“Along with SWW, I’ve also attended Next Generation Professional Leaders Initiative seminars, where I learned that work is an opportunity for ministry. I used to think that it was most important for God to be discussed in church, but now I realize that we can also glorify Him and grow His Kingdom in our workplaces.”

Each year, School Without Walls equips over 2,500 young Next Generation Christians, like Veronica, to be strong leaders and gospel messengers who are serving God, transforming their communities, and ministering to others—no matter their location or vocation. These grounded, passionate national Christian leaders are the best way to infiltrate the darkness, despair, and sin that pervades their surrounding culture and transform it with the message of hope and salvation that only Jesus can provide.

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