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A Story of Hope in Eastern Ukraine

Like any mother, Angelina wanted the best for her children. When war broke out in eastern Ukraine, she and her husband had three children and a fourth on the way. While her husband was off fighting for their country, Angelina’s hometown of Andreyevka was targeted in several bombing attacks, so she made the difficult decision to move to Russia, where she had many relatives, so her children would be safe.

Not long after the move, Angelina gave birth to a baby girl. She went back to work as soon as she could, and thankfully, she was able to afford all of the food and clothing that her children needed. But sadly, things changed very quickly. After Angelina’s neighbors found out that she was from Ukraine, they started treating her and her children with great disrespect and hostility. At first, Angelina tried to be patient, but eventually her neighbors’ behavior became so unbearable that she decided to move her family back to Ukraine.

After returning to Andreyevka, Angelina found a small house that was in very poor condition, but it seemed like an oasis compared to her family’s experience in Russia. After finding a home, Angelina tried to register her baby girl with the government so she could receive financial aid, but the process is so difficult that she hasn’t made any progress, which means her family isn’t receiving any kind of assistance.

In the midst of these challenges, Angelina’s husband is still in the Ukrainian army, where he has been serving for three years. Sadly, he rarely talks to his family, and he no longer visits them or sends any kind of support, so Angelina has been left with no way to provide for her children. In the summer, she had chickens and grew vegetables, but now, in the cold of winter, things have become very difficult. Given her financial situation, Angelina has never even considered the possibility of buying firewood. Sometimes, she and her three older children go outside to look for wood to burn in their stove, but it never keeps the house warm for very long.

When Mission Eurasia’s School Without Walls (SWW) students visited Andreyevka, they met Angelina and heard her story. They were so moved that they decided to help in any way they could. So, when we told them that our partners at Feed My Starving Children were providing funds for firewood and coal for 10 families in need, the students immediately decided that Angelina’s family should receive this generous gift.

When the SWW students arrived at Angelina’s house with the firewood and coal, she couldn’t find the words to express her gratitude. She was so thankful that her children would finally be warm and could sleep in comfort. The students also gave Angelina and her children MannaPack Rice Meals and several Scripture pieces, and we pray that these gifts would help this family find the greatest gift of all: salvation in Jesus Christ.

To support families like Angelina’s through Mission Eurasia’s “I Care” Refugee Assistance program, please give today: