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Story of Sasha

Story of Sasha

Olga, 32, and her two daughters, Sasha (almost 3) and Nastia (17), lived in Mykolayiv, Ukraine. Like most families, they woke up to the war early on February 24, 2022.

Olga, her daughters, her husband, and her parents saw the horrors of the war on the first day, as Mykolayiv basically became the frontlines. Russian tanks were close to the town a few days later.
Olga’s parents are older people who both have disabilities, which made it impossible for them to evacuate. They needed special transportation for that, which was impossible to find. So, the decision was made for Olga’s husband to stay at home with the parents, and for Olga to leave with the girls. They made it to the evacuation bus that went to Poland. Four days later, they were in Krakow.

Nastia was a huge help to her mother and little sister in Poland, as she had no problems finding her bearings in the new surroundings. They found a place to live, filed their documents, and started looking for places to receive humanitarian aid. That was how they learned about Mission Eurasia’s iCare center in Krakow, where they came to receive assistance and signed up little Sasha for child development classes.

Sasha loves her classes and has made many friends with other children who also came from Ukraine. This is her first experience with classes. When Christmas came, Sasha came to the celebration event. Olga said that the program and wonderful gifts made this event the most memorable and meaningful time for them since they first came to Poland. The event and happiness that Olga felt helped her forget for a moment all the constant worries about her parents and her husband, who are still in Mykolayiv, and helped her feel hope and joy. And although they can’t go back yet because of constant shelling and the threat of missile attacks, Olga is waiting for victory. Meanwhile, she is dedicated to loving her daughters and giving them the best possible care.