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Urgent Appeal For The Family of Pastor Yuri K. Sipko

Mission Eurasia is issuing an urgent appeal on behalf of the family of Pastor Yuri K. Sipko, a renowned Christian leader from Russia and a vocal critic of the war in Ukraine. Pastor Sipko's courageous public stance against the Russian regime's invasion of Ukraine and the ongoing brutal war has had severe repercussions for him and his large family. After a raid on his Moscow home last summer by the special FSB (former KGB) units, who intended to arrest and imprison him, Pastor Sipko narrowly and miraculously escaped. He has since been declared the "Most Wanted" person in Russia, with his name and images disseminated nationwide by the Kremlin-sponsored media.

His family, including children and grandchildren, who remained in Russia after the raid, faced immense pressures and threats, forcing them to leave everything behind and flee the country. They are all now in an undisclosed location, awaiting political asylum in the US. This situation has placed a tremendous financial and emotional burden on the entire Sipko family.

While we covet your prayers, we would also like to ask you to prayerfully consider contributing to a special fund that Mission Eurasia has established as part of our Religious Freedom Initiative to help cover the living expenses of the Sipko family and the mounting legal costs associated with their asylum applications.

The Sipko family's situation is a poignant reminder of the price paid for standing up for justice, truth, and peace. Having left everything behind, they now rely on the compassion and generosity of individuals like us. Regardless of amount, every gift can significantly impact their lives and contribute to a long-term solution for their safety and freedom.

Please join us in supporting the Sipko family with your prayers and generous support as they seek a future free of persecution and fear. All of your gifts will go to our Religious Freedom Initiative and will be given directly to the Sipko family.

Thank you for your compassion and generosity!

Urgent: Support Pastor Sipko's Family - Your Contribution Makes a Difference

Extend a lifeline to the Sipko family. Please donate now to support their living expenses and legal costs directly. Your generosity can make a meaningful impact on their safety and freedom. Act with compassion—give today.