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A Muslim Family Transformed by the Gospel: Lika’s Story

Lika, School Without Walls leader in Georgia

“I was born into a Muslim family and like a good Muslim, I followed all of the rituals,” shares Lika, one of our School Without Walls (SWW) students from Georgia. But God got a hold of her heart—and the hearts of her entire family—in a powerful way when she was invited to one of Mission Eurasia’s summer Bible camps . . . “A few years ago when my family moved to the town of Gory, one of my cousins told my parents about a Mission Eurasia summer Bible camp and asked their permission to invite me to attend,” shared Lika. “I attended the camp and was amazed at the kindness of the SWW students I met there—and I started attending a local church soon afterwards. I was so excited about this new church that I shared about it with my whole family, and soon my sister started attending with me….