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A Muslim Family Transformed by the Gospel: Lika’s Story

“I was born into a Muslim family and like a good Muslim, I followed all of the rituals,” shares Lika, one of our School Without Walls (SWW) students from Georgia. But God got a hold of her heart—and the hearts of her entire family—in a powerful way when she was invited to one of Mission Eurasia’s summer Bible camps . . .

“A few years ago when my family moved to the town of Gory, one of my cousins told my parents about a Mission Eurasia summer Bible camp and asked their permission to invite me to attend,” shared Lika. “I attended the camp and was amazed at the kindness of the SWW students I met there—and I started attending a local church soon afterwards. I was so excited about this new church that I shared about it with my whole family, and soon my sister started attending with me. My mom wanted to learn more about where her daughters were spending so much time, so she visited one Sunday as well. She was so moved by what she encountered there that she, too, started attending church regularly, and soon committed her life to Christ.

“My mother then invited my brother and father to come to church with us. At first my father objected because he considered himself a good Muslim. But he decided to come visit just to make sure it would be alright for my brother to attend, and he ended up loving it! After attending church for a while, he also gave his life to Jesus. I am so amazed and grateful to God for everything that He has done for me and for the precious gift of bringing my whole family to follow Him! I am now studying in SWW and learning more about serving God with my entire life. I started serving on the worship team and in my church’s youth ministry and as a Sunday School teacher. I want to follow God wherever He calls and glorify Him with my life, which SWW is helping me to do.”

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