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Mission Eurasia logoFaithful commitment to principles of biblical stewardship is one of Mission Eurasia’s core values. As an accredited member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA), Mission Eurasia proudly displays the ECFA seal to demonstrate its complete compliance with established standards for financial accountability, transparency, integrity, fund-raising and board governance.


Mobile Kitchens

Mobile Kitchens

Answer the call to help feed the hungry and share the love of Jesus.

Millions of Ukrainians are enduring a brutal war while suffering the pain of hunger and the bitter cold of winter. They urgently need food and the Good News that they have a loving Father and a place with Him in Heaven.

Please partner with Mission Eurasia now to feed the hungry—great multitudes, as Jesus did— through mobile kitchens that can feed up to 300 people per day.

Your gift will share hope for today and eternity because as we serve hot, wholesome food with lovingkindness, we will share Scripture and pray with and for every person we meet, planting the seeds of faith in many hearts!


Mobile Kitchens

When Mission Eurasia’s mobile kitchen comes to a devastated Ukrainian town, word spreads like wildfire! Hot meals of rice and meat, soup and bread are graciously shared with every villager who ventures out, staring in disbelief. Yes, we are nourishing hungry bodies, but these mobile kitchens are also gathering places where hearts are thrown open to hear the Good News!

In addition to a hot meal, hot tea, and an encouraging time of fellowship, each villager leaves with a loaf of freshly baked bread and an iCare box of food and provisions—enough to last for a week or more—and Scripture. 

One mobile kitchen feeds up to 300 people per day

Mission Eurasia has commissioned 20 mobile kitchens that can feed up to 300 people per day. Each kitchen is $5,000 so we are asking God to move in many hearts to raise the full $100,000.

Please give generously now—$50, $500, $5,000 or any gift you can to send these mobile kitchens to places where they are most urgently needed.

If you are located in Canada, please go to: to make your donation.  Thank you for your generous gift!

Online Donation Support:
888-462-7639 (toll-free)
or 630-462-1739.

Bring Hope and Blessing to a Household in Need.

Oleg, a member of Mission Eurasia’s team in Kherson, helped a senior carry her iCare food package to her house. As they walked, she shared that her son was in the army. She lived by herself until she met two elderly ladies whose home had been destroyed. It was bitter cold and they had nowhere to go, so she opened her home to them and now cares for them. The gift of food and the iCare box will be a great blessing, sharing hope with this household which has very little!

COST Mission Eurasia has commissioned 20 mobile kitchens that can feed up to 300 people per day. Each kitchen is $5,000 so the full amount we need to immediately raise is $100,000. In addition to a hot meal, villagers receive freshly baked bread and an iCare food box with a week’s worth of provisions and a copy of Scripture.

REQUEST Men, women, children—entire families—plus the sick, injured and elderly are suffering acutely from hunger and hopelessness, while the Russians continue every effort to destroy their peaceful nation. Your prayers and financial support are needed now to deliver food and hope to the multitudes via mobile kitchens. Please give generously to get these mobile kitchens on the road to communities mired in hunger and despair. It’s not an option to close our hearts to people who are living in such harsh conditions, enduring shelling all the time and who are close to starving. 

The shattered people of Ukraine are hungry, hurting, and urgently in need of hope.  Your gift today can feed their bodies and souls through Mission Eurasia’s mobile kitchens.

If you would like more information  please contact:

Sergey Rakhuba, President

Sergey Rakhuba
Mission Eurasia
(615) 435-3720

Send a check by mail

If you prefer to mail a check, you can send it to:

P.O. Box 496
Wheaton, Illinois 60187

Located Outside of the United States

If you are in Canada, you can also give through that office by clicking here.

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