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Help Mission Eurasia deliver life-saving medical care, medicine, and the gospel to the suffering people of Ukraine!


During more than one year of war, the traumatized Ukrainian people have had to endure many hardships, but the lack of medical care and medicines—

Dr. Rudi Myhovycheven simple pain killers as well as medications for chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes—has added greatly to their suffering. Also, hospitals and clinics in many towns and villages across the country have been destroyed, leaving few places to treat the sick and wounded.

Dr. Rudolf (Rudi) Myhovych, the youngest Christian neurologist in Ukraine and the president of the Christian Medical Association (CMA) of Ukraine, shares these observations:

“The need for medicine and medical care in Ukraine is so immense that it’s difficult to comprehend. The greatest needs are often found in heavily damaged villages and towns close to the front line, as well as in communities where large numbers of displaced people are concentrated. We receive many requests for medical assistance from these locations that we simply can’t fulfill because we are not able to transport teams of doctors and nurses to those places. We need vehicles that are equipped to deliver urgent medical care with trained medical volunteers who are eager to bring help and hope to the suffering in the name of Jesus.” 


icare mobile medical unitsBecause of the partnership between our Next Generation Professional Leaders Initiative (NGPLI) and CMA of Ukraine, Mission Eurasia now works with a network of thousands of trained Christian medical workers who are available to deliver much-needed medical assistance and the hope of the gospel to locations near the front line, such as Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Kharkiv, and Odesa where large numbers of displaced women and children are staying. We also hope to provide medical assistance to multiple shelters in various regions of Ukraine, which each serve 50 displaced families a day and where medical care and hope are in short supply.

That’s why Mission Eurasia is launching a new initiative that will provide Mobile Medical Clinics for the suffering people of Ukraine who have little or no access to medical care and hope for the future.

 Each Mobile Medical Clinic is a refurbished vehicle equipped with an exam room, medical equipment, medical supplies, and a generator where two medical personnel can serve as many as 50 patients each day, five days a week.

Each vehicle also has an attached tent that will serve as a waiting room, where Mission Eurasia’s young leaders and trauma counselors will meet with those waiting to be treated, and will share copies of Scripture and the gospel message with them.

Mission Eurasia’s immediate goal is to purchase, refurbish, and equip ten Mobile Medical Clinics that will take trained medical professionals, essential medicine, and the hope of the gospel to towns near the front line where there is no access to medical care. We have raised funds for six clinics and need funds for the remaining four.

Transform Lives by Donating to Bring Medical Care, Hope, and Healing to Thousands of People Annually Through Mobile Medical Clinics.

The cost to purchase, refurbish, and equip each Mobile Medical Clinic is $35,000. Ten mobile medical clinics will deliver medical care right to places near the front line and in shelters where people are suffering the most.

If you are located in Canada, please go to: to make your donation.  Thank you for your generous gift!

Mobile Medical Clinics

Join us in delivering vital medical care and the hope of the gospel to those suffering in Ukraine's war by supporting Mobile Medical Clinics today. Your prayers and contributions make a life-saving difference.

Mobile medical clinci
Mobile Medical

The cost to purchase, refurbish, and equip each Mobile Medical Clinic is $35,000.  A total of $350,000 is needed to launch ten Mobile Medical Clinics that will deliver medical care right to places near the front line and in shelters where people are suffering the most. 

Each Mobile Medical Clinic will provide medical care for 250 patients per week, or 13,000 people annually. ten Mobile Medical Clinics will provide medical care for 750 patients per week, or thousands of people annually. All of those who receive medical care through Mobile Medical Clinics will be exposed to the gospel message, receive copies of Scripture and trauma counseling, and be connected to a local church for ongoing support and follow-up.

The war in Ukraine continues to bring great suffering to the people of Ukraine. A widespread lack of available medicines and medical care continues to increase this suffering. Your partnership in providing Mobile Medical Clinics will deliver help and the hope of the gospel right to those who need it the most. Thank you for your prayers and support of this life-saving initiative.

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