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Summer Bible Camp



“Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven’” Matthew 19:14

As the war in Ukraine enters its third year, children and their families continue to experience suffering and pain. The number of casualties and people who have been displaced continues to rise with nearly one-half of Ukraine’s population displaced because of the war. Many of them—mainly women, children, and the elderly—have fled to western Ukraine, or the neighboring countries of Poland and Moldova. Sadly, their fathers are often not with them, as they must stay in Ukraine to serve in the military. More than 7.5 million Ukrainian children have been impacted by the violence, and more than 75 percent of them show signs of mental and emotional trauma and are desperately in need of counseling and other support to help them heal from the horrors of war.  Without the saving message of Christ, they could easily be lost to dysfunction, cynicism, and hopelessness.

For the millions of children in the other countries of Eurasia and Israel served by Mission Eurasia, daily life is full of tragedies—hunger, violence, abuse, poverty, and broken families. Many children living in rural, isolated, or secularized communities are unlikely to ever hear the gospel message or be introduced to the love of a Christian community.

Led by the young Christian men and women trained and equipped through Mission Eurasia's leadership training programs, our transformative summer Bible camps take place throughout Eurasia and Israel, impacting thousands of children and youth each summer with the love of Jesus. For many of these children, camp is the place where seeds of faith are first planted in their hearts and their relationship with the local church begins to blossom.

Camps take many forms, ranging from day camps, to weekend camps, to weeklong camps, to family camps. Through these camps, children experience a wholesome, balanced curriculum designed to meet their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Time is allotted for fun activities, fellowship, counseling, Bible study and other Bible-centered activities. Children receive good, nutritious, regular meals. Each child also receives a children’s Bible or other copy of age-appropriate Scripture to help them begin their personal journey of faith in Jesus.

In Ukraine, many of the children who come to camp need special care to overcome the trauma of war. Our trained trauma counselors spend valuable one-on-one time with them to help them recover and thrive.

Children’s ministry has become an effective part of the local church’s evangelistic strategy. As a result of the acceptance and support the children in the camps receive, they are open to the gospel. Through children, their parents and relatives learn about Christ.


We invite you, as a special friend and supporter of Mission Eurasia, to join us in making this summer a true Summer of Hope for hurting children from Ukraine and other countries of Eurasia and Israel through your prayers and generous support of our summer camp program!

These special summer Bible camps will be just the first step in building long-lasting relationships with these vulnerable children and their families. When camp is over, Mission Eurasia’s young leaders will invite these children to participate in small group Bible studies and connect them to a local church, impacting church growth in Eurasia.

It costs only $30 to give a hurting child the opportunity to spend a day at one of our special Summer of Hope Bible camps and receive his or her own children’s Bible or Bible storybook.

The total cost to provide Summer of Hope Bible camps for 30,000 needy children and to provide each child with a Bible or Bible storybook is $900,000.

Please give generously now—$120, $60, $30, or any gift you can to send to help deliver a Summer of Hope to these children.

A generous partner has offered a matching grant challenge that will double the impact of every gift up to $150,000.  So for example, a gift of $30 will send two children to camp, instead of one.

If you are located in Canada, please go to: to make your donation.  Thank you for your generous gift!

Summer of Hope Bible Camps

Help a hurting child from Ukraine or other countries in Eurasia and Israel experience a day of true hope at our Summer of Hope Bible camps where he or she will receive his or her own Bible or Bible storybook for just $30. 

Join us in reaching a total 30,000 needy children this summer! Click the donate button now and select Summer Bible Camps from the dropdown. Your generous gift of $120, $60, $30, or any amount will make an eternal difference!

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